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Из indesign в powerpoint

InDesign to PowerPoint: a quick conversion method

by Stefano Bernardi Last updated 22 January 2020 4 minutes to read

A couple of weeks ago, a client asked me to create a PowerPoint from his Products Catalog that I had previously designed with InDesign.

As usual, he needed it for the next day.

The catalog contains 60 products, 2 for each page, and he wanted 60 slides, each with a single product.
What was the quickest way? I already knew that an InDesign file could be converted to a Word doc (see here how to do so), but what about InDesign to PowerPoint?

I found out that I could easily convert a PDF into a PowerPoint file. The process was as simple as:

  • create a new InDesign file with the page dimension to fit a single product
  • copy and paste each product in a page of the document
  • create an “Alternate Layout” with the page dimension of the Powerpoint
  • export a PDF
  • convert the PDF using Adobe Acrobat.

The time it took me to do all of that was about 15 minutes (just a couple for the conversion) – this trick is incredibly useful!

How to convert the InDesign file to PowerPoint using Adobe Acrobat

Since the post is about converting an InDesign file to a Powerpoint one, I won’t explain how to use the “Convert to Alternate Layout” function. If you don’t know it, it’s basically an option that allows you to convert a file from a page dimension to another. In the process, you have the option to scale or adapt the content to the new dimension.

Open the document in InDesign and export it as a PDF.

Open the exported PDF with Acrobat Pro.

Click on File , select Export to and then click on Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation .

There are not a lot of options here. I suggest you change those options only if you experience any issues with the text recognition. Otherwise, they should be fine as they are.

Click on Save . The conversion from the PDF to the Powerpoint file will take a few seconds.

For better results with the conversion from InDesign to PowerPoint, you should avoid using Condensed Font styles and advanced options like Opacity.

Common errors

If you get the error, “The specified file could not be written to. It may be in use”, try to save the exported file in a different folder. That generally solves the issue.
Let me know, in the comments, about any error you might encounter, so that I can add them to this post.

Other resources

If you are looking for a more in-depth understanding, there’s this video by Anne-Marie Concepcion that you should watch. It’s an extract from the course «Managing Conversions Between Adobe CC and Microsoft Office» she made for LinkedIn Learning.

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Stefano has worked on numerous mid to large–sized InDesign projects for Alstom, DeLonghi, Philips, and many others before starting Redokun in 2015.
As Redokun’s Co-Founder, Stefano spends most of his time helping customers to optimize their InDesign work-flow. He also holds in-house InDesign courses for companies in the Venice, Italy area.

How to Convert InDesign to PowerPoint — 2019

Elise Williams

2020-03-31 14:46:06 • Filed to: Indesign • Proven solutions

InDesign is one of the best, if not the best graphic tools available. The software has earned its reputation for delivering amazing features for creating graphic content. In the past several years, InDesign is trying to enter another market, and that is the market for presentations. More and more, InDesign has been used for creating presentations, because it can easily be converted into interactive PDF, and travels better from one computer to another. However, if you want to make your presentation even better, you can try converting InDesign to PowerPoint.

How to Convert InDesign to PowerPoint

Just so we are clear, it is not possible to convert InDesign to PowerPoint directly. The trick is to export the InDesign file to a PDF software tool, and from there, to a PowerPoint file. PDFelement is a robust software that can help you maximize your PDF files, including conversion to other file formats. And unlike Adobe Acrobat, it comes with a cheaper price tag, and simpler way of using. What makes the software special? It is all due to the many features, including:

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  • Edit text using single line or paragraph mode.
  • Edit images by cropping, rotating, moving, copy and paste, and more.
  • Open and print PDF files.
  • Secure PDF files with password protection.
  • Extract data from PDF forms.
  • Create fillable file forms.
  • Convert PDF files to other formats.
  • Add annotation tools like comments, notes, and personalized drawing tools.

With that in mind, how to convert your InDesign file to PowerPoint file? Follow our guide:

Step 1. Open the InDesign File

Start by opening the InDesign file (You InDesign file should be exported as PDF). You can do that by either clicking «Open File…» and locating the InDesign file, or by drag and drop it to PDFelement.

Step 2. Convert InDesign to PowerPoint

Click «Home» > «To Others» button to reveal the drop down menu. In the drop down menu, select «Convert to PowerPoint». A new dialog box will open, and you can choose the output folder for the converted file.

You can also change the file format of the document. Change the «Save as type» option to your preferred option. In this case, that is «PowerPoint» file. Just click «Save» to begin the conversion. After the conversion is over, you can go to the output folder and find the converted file. You can also click the link in the dialog box, and you will be taken there directly.

Step 3. Batch Convert to PowerPoint

The program also gives you an option of batch conversion, or the ability to convert several PDF files to the same output format files. Just click «Batch Process» box. Load multiple PDF files, select the output format, choose the path for conversion, and click «Start». After the conversion is over, go to the output folder to use your converted files.

Step 4. Edit Texts

The program also gives you different options for editing the files. In terms of editing text, you can choose either «Line or Paragraph mode». If you use paragraph mode, the whole text will appear in one complete block. If you use Line mode, each line will be a separate block. Click «Edit» on the left side, and then choose the preferred mode for editing.

Tips: InDesign vs. PowerPoint for Presentations

Both of these software tools are often used for presentations. But which one is the better or more suitable choice? Well, in most cases, it really comes down to the situation. With that in mind, let’s discuss InDesign vs PowerPoint for presentations.

The case for InDesign is simple. InDesign gives you a much better and professional looking design. At the end of the day, PowerPoint is a presentation tool, meaning that design and print is not the focus. On the other hand, InDesign is far more full-featured when it comes to design features. InDesign comes with global styles that are more robust, can import more formats, and the interactivity of InDesign will survive the conversion to PDF. PowerPoint is not set up for conversion to PDF, resulting in sluggish and amateurish look because the type is not spaced well. The downside of InDesign is you need a designer with access to the tool and knowledge.


  • Great design features
  • Better conversion to PDF


  • Requires designer with huge knowledge
  • Not as good for data that changes monthly

On the other hand, PowerPoint comes with great features for presentation. For example, word art and sound effects can take your presentation to the next level. The problem is, you do not get much design features, drawing tools, and more that makes InDesign a great graphic design software tool.


  • Presentation specific tools
  • Simpler to create a presentation
  • Can incorporate movies and animations


  • File changes when opened on a different computer
  • Lack of graphic features

In many cases, people even choose to export InDesign to PowerPoint, so that you get the best out of the two worlds.

Indesign or Powerpoint for presentations

I’m just wondering what people are using nowadays for presentations. While powerpoint seems to be the obvious choice, I’m seeing a lot of PDF’s used.

One advantage of using PDFs for presentations is that they can be made with programs which can kern* the type. MS Word can do that even though many users don’t seem to know it.

I find PP presentations, even though they can be very good, will always look amateurish because the type is not spaced well.

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*Kern — The adjustment of the spacing between letters in order to make them more visually pleasing and balanced on the sheet.

word art + sound effects= win

InDesgin actually can even export a flash presentation with transition effects as well. Read up on making flash presentation in InDesign. PowerPoint is akin to acknowledging that you care very little about aesthetics or functionality.

my vote is for indesign. once i bit the bullet and came up with one, really well designed and flexible template, i was set! instant sophistication and no added lag time due to scrutinizing the design during deadline crunches.

You can also control the compression much more effectively with ID, so making a PDF for the web and for print is easy.

PDF all the way. Powerpoints don’t travel well. they have a weird way of always changing when they’re shown on computers that aren’t the one they were made on. slides get cut off, fonts shift around the screen, images move. Plus, with PDF, its easy to print the presentation into a booklet; powerpoint files are usually gigantic and take days to print. Every school presentation I’ve done for the last three years has been PDF, and I’ve never had a problem.

I see that kerning is available in PowerPoint 2007. Let’s us make sure we use it if that’s our medium.

Thank you, truevis. I agree with you 100%.

KERN, people. KERN.

but can you incorporate movies/animations/audiofiles in an indesign PDF? That’s why I was always forced to use powerpoint.

pdfs..ctrl+L and you’re set!

i used to use pdfs made from indesign. then i had to do 6 hours of lectures every week. ppt made that much easier.

in the end both software work well enough. ppt has its uses, so does in design. i must say kerning does not worry me much (sorry) but for combining flash with slides and for certain presentation techniques it makes sense to me to use ppt.

one thing i don’t like in ppt is the poor GUI. In design is much better, no question about it.

whatever you decide on, create a template. when it comes down to createing a new presentation, wheater indesign or powerpoint, you’re always limited on time. so a template can go a long way.

An odd source, but good read on PPT and presentation overall. It cites a few good resources (Tufte) and the 18 slide by Captain Patriquin mentioned near the end is a can’t miss.

The mention of kerning is to me a reason we fail at PPT and ID — far far far too much attention paid to detail and not the information being relayed. Don’t get me wrong — make slides legible and asthetically tolerant. But I’ve never heard anyone say «omg, did you notice the W and A wasn’t kerned?»

InDesign, or LaTeX + Beamer package. Powerpoint is awful.

LaTeX, really? I thought that was for science only. I know you can do lots with it but you need to know the code.

architerp: ‘But I’ve never heard anyone say «omg, did you notice the W and A wasn’t kerned?»‘

I say it to myself.

But, I agree, there are much worse things to do during a presentation. Reading directly from the powerpoint — grrr — it’s the worst.

Also, I’ve seen things like «Who’s model is it?» on presentations. Much more disturbing than lack of kerning, of course.

I tend to use Indesign to create slides and then just throw them into PPT. That way I get the design capacity of Indesign with the presentation abilities of PPT, which is to say the ability to embed/support other media and have presenter notes.

For me it also depends on the presentation, size of the audience, how the presentation is done (just sent, or live, or group or. ) and how much eye candy I need. But as a presenter, most the time I don’t follow a linear script because you are ‘reading’ your audience and tailoring your presentation to those things that get them excited.

Honestly the best I’ve seen are web browser based using a database. It can be done within a pdf too. That’s because if you are presenting, you don’t need to talk about everything if it isn’t what they are into. But you need everything so you can adjust to the situation. In the leave packet, you leave it with them to browse through if a particular project caught their eye. They can learn more than your 20 minutes allowed you to say or expand upon if you leave them with more information to browse through.

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The presentation itself is more like flirting. You’re hoping they’ll call after you leave wanting to see you again.

InDesign allows you to refresh your links when you photoshop out that pesky smoke detector.

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PowerPoint to InDesign — Adobe Indesign Windows

I am desperately trying to import PowerPoint slides that include pie charts into InDesign. The problem is that I only need to export the black plate. The grays in the pieces of the pie chart disappear when I do that so all my pie is black and white. When I export the all plates to PDF, the PowerPoint slides come out unreadable when they looked fine in InDesign. I have tried importing as .eps and .ai and no luck. Ideas? I appreciate any help.

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PowerPoint to InDesign

I am desperately trying to import PowerPoint slides that include pie charts into InDesign. The problem is that I only need to export the black plate. The grays in the pieces of the pie chart disappear when I do that so all my pie is black and white.

When I export the all plates to PDF, the PowerPoint slides come out unreadable when they looked fine in InDesign. I have tried importing as .eps and .ai and no luck. Ideas? I appreciate any help!

Re: PowerPoint to InDesign

Print the PP slides to postscript using a grayscale printer PPD. Distill
that into a PDF and then place the PDFs in ID.

Re: PowerPoint to InDesign

That worked! Thanks!

Now, do you know how to export only one color to PDF? I need to export the black plate only. Currently, I do it the hard way. I save a separate version and delete all color items. Not exactly efficient.

Re: PowerPoint to InDesign

You’d have to drop those PDFs into ID, then print to Adobe PDF or
Distiller. Choose separations and turn off the other inks.

Re: PowerPoint to InDesign

I’m not sure that will give you exactly what you’re looking for. The
PDFs from PowerPoint will be RGB so even the blacks will wind up on all
four plates.

Re: PowerPoint to InDesign

Re: PowerPoint to InDesign

Re: PowerPoint to InDesign

assuming that the result should be a pure Grayscale (images)
and Black (text) PDF:

1. Assemble everything without changes in ID.
2. Export to PDF (Leave Color Unchanged).
3. Convert the whole stuff to Grayscale (images) and Black
(text) by Quite a Box of Tricks

Trial version is free.

Result is a K-only PDF. Of course, color ingredients are
replaced by gray or black .

By the way: different colors in diagrams can deliver the
same gray results.

Second question:
The black plate is exported by printing to file, as separa-
tions, using Acrobat Distiller PS Printer Driver. Then distill.
Eventually resulting empty pages C,M,Y can be deleted or ignored
(not used). This will show whether CMY plates are really empty.

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